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Biological Soil Management

Most growers instinctively realize that the soil that their plants are grown in has an immense effect on the quality of their final crop.  Healthy soil is an essential foundation for bountiful, nutrient rich, and profitable berry production. More and more, today’s growers are reaching for the power of biological soil management techniques to elevate the functioning of their soil and their profitability.

Our goal at VidaSoil is to partner with Strawberry Growers in the Central Coast area of California to achieve this high functioning soil profile. Our specialty is in Biological Soil Treatment Programs that are uniquely designed to work with the environmental stresses and issues as a commercial strawberry grower in the Central Coast area of California.  

The VidaSoil approach to biological soil management consists of several applications of customized biologically active soil treatments. These treatment applications specifically address the soil as a living organism in order to promote higher function.

High functioning soil contributes to:

  • Pest and disease pressure
  • Resist environmental stress
  • Retention of important minerals and other metabolic ingredients
  • Lower fertilizer input and water use